Vision on mediation

Relationships play an important role in life

Relationships with parents, (grand)children, family, (business) partners, (sports)friends, colleagues, superiors, neighbours, suppliers, etc.

How we experience these relationships at various moments in life makes a difference in the way we feel from day to day. Maintaining relationships is important.

All of a sudden we may find ourselves in a dispute for reasons difficult to grasp. We start asking ourselves what is needed to bridge the gap and restore the relationship. Being (proven) right is one thing..... feeling good, appreciated and stimulated in a relationship is something else....

The road to resolving a dispute is often bumpy and requires not only attention and careful steering but also precious time and energy. Also money can play a role. That is THE moment to call upon a mediator registered with the Mediatorsfederation Netherlands (MfN) who offers next to a listening ear, neutral and professional support in exploring and balancing what is truly important for the individuals and their relationship, now and in the future.


Who does not want a speedy resolution to a dispute?

Mediation (alternative dispute resolution) meets the parties’ need to quicker, autonomously and practically resolve a dispute without involvement of lawyers and judges.

  • at WORK (with colleague(s), team, supervisor, return from sick leave and so on)
  • with FAMILY (relationship with partner, children, parents (in law), other loved ones
  • in BUSINESS (contracts, rental or other agreements)
  • with NEIGHBOURS (landmarking, landscaping, overhanging plants or trees, etc.)
  • at the (sports) CLUB (management, finances, between members, etc.)

What you may expect from me?

  • confidentiality and impartiality;
  • a clear, professional and diligent approach;
  • adequate opportunity to share and explain your side of the story;
  • attention for your wishes and interests as to how the future relationship with the other party (parties) can be shaped;
  • as needed, interventions to enhance communication;
  • room and time to share potential solutions;
  • if and as needed, adequate opportunity to consult with experts (legal, finance, pension, etc.);
  • accurate documentation of what you have agreed with the other(s);
  • lower fees and expenses than e.g. in legal proceedings. The fees and expenses are shared with the other(s) according to a formula agreed during the first joint meeting (generally 50/50).

In most cases mediation leads to more satisfying solutions and substantial cost savings compared to time consuming, uncertain legal proceedings.

Still in need of some answers? Feel free to call +31 (0)6 524 20 317 or mail to and ask for An Dittmar.

As MfN Registered mediator I work according to the guidelines of the Dutch Mediatorsfederation, see
Would you like to know more about mediation in the Netherlands, see
An Dittmar, MfN Register mediator (ADR Full Certified Mediator) is specialised in family, labour, business and community disputes.

Mediations are offered in English and Dutch. For our mediation fees see attached PDF file Rates 


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An Dittmar
+31(0)65 24 20 317

Born and raised in the country side of eastern Netherlands and after completing her secondary and professional education An Dittmar sought and found her challenges in the Randstad (area between Rotterdam-The Hague-Amsterdam). Next to a fulltime job with multinationals such as Burmah Castrol, Crawford & Russel, 3M, OMRON Electronics and Corning B.V. she attended various courses and trainings which she rounded off with an MBA in Management.

With the support of her partner and supervisors/managers An Dittmar successfully managed a number of Quality and Building projects which led her to the position of European Customer Service Manager and ultimately European Operations Manager, responsible for procurement, customer service and warehousing/distribution. These activities entailed contacts with customers and colleagues from countries and cultures all over the world, an experience with much added value for An Dittmar.

When she decided to leave international business in 2007, An Dittmar was determined to become a qualified mediator in the Randstad. For mediation (alternative dispute resolution) is all about communication in personal and business relationships with the question: how can we get this relationship back on track? In the process of mediation it is a.o. essential to uncover how important it is for the parties involved in the dispute that the relationship is restored, to what extent, how do they view their future relationship and what interests of the individuals and/or organisations play a role.

To ensure an ongoing learning process An Dittmar not only actively participates in peer discussion groups with fellow mediators in the Randstad she also attends relevant courses and trainings to keep her knowledge and skill-set up to date.

Apart from her own business as MfN Register mediator in Family, Business and Labour disputes An Dittmar is registered with the Court of The Hague and the Juridisch Loket for mediation referrals and she works since 2008 pro bono as mediator for Bemiddeling & Mediation, The Hague. As senior expert Retail & Trade she takes on PUM-missions to developing countries since 2010. In all of the activities An Dittmar benefits from her translator-interpreter background in English.

AGJDittmar 350
Lex Dittmar
+31(0)6 140 56 428

Lex Dittmar is a pragmatic, down-to-earth business executive with proven records in the areas of product, national account and sales management. He is customer and result oriented with an eye for quality and detail andhis focus is on the longer term success while reaping the benefits from shorter term opportunities and options.

Lex Dittmar’s key interests are in


As a personal coach he offers a professional sounding board. Complex situations are analysed to identify the core issue(s). His advice and support are future oriented based on everyday operations.

Training & Coaching

Lex Dittmar is an allround sparring partner and mentor for personal and team development. He offers individual and team training, preferably “in-company”. Your job - whether in the field of business or sports - can be compared with top athletics. As you know, success and satisfaction can not be achieved overnight. World class sports men and women realise that too and hence train themselves day-in day-out in those areas that can them lead to success and satisfaction or not. The same principle applies to you and your business.

All ANDPartners trainings are based on everyday operations in areas such as :

  • Manage, supervise with a vision
  • Sales, Sales Management and (Key) Account Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer Service
  • Trade shows
  • Key to effective communication
  • Key to effective negotiations
  • Team building, team-leader and -player
  • Motivation
  • How to develop talent
  • Time Management
  • Conflict management
  • Hospitality
  • Mistery guest
  • VMO - Management Support Society
  • VOS - Training – safety in the field

We successfully combine broad theoretical knowledge with many years of experience in various disciplines, organisations and markets across the world. Our goal is to realise excellent co-operation with our clients through quality service and personal interest. Integrity, impartiality, inspiration, motivation, creativity, attention for detail and engagement are corner stones of our activities. Both An and Lex Dittmar hope that their activities as mediator, counselor, trainer or coach stand out as:

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